3DS A First Year Success for Nintendo – 4.5 Million Consoles sold


Nintendo has released some sales figures for its 3DS consoles. According to the press release Nintendo has sold 4.5 million 3DS consoles since the device was released last year.  That is nearly double the 2.3 million units the original Nintendo DS console was able to move in its first year of availability. Nintendo also announced first year software sales of 9 million total games for the 3DS in the first year,  compared to 5 million first year games served up for the original DS console.


Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime had this to say:

Nintendo 3DS closes its first year with a lenghty list of accomplishments, but we’re still just scratching the surface. With a massive lineup of first and third party games and more on the way, a building library of entrainment options and an egaged and growing installed base, Nintendo 3DS has an incredibly bright future. We’re just getting started but this platform is built for the long haul