Apple and Chrome are at Odds with Each Other


There are many bugs going on with iOS7, but that’s to be expected with new changes right? Not quite. Since the now infamous iOS update, Chrome’s much appreciated Incognito mode is a little off, so you’re not quite as safe as you ordinarily would be on the browser. Whatever you search will pop up in your autocomplete when you “normally” use Google, so try to refrain from your sexy searches until the bug is cleared.


Then on top of that, users have been complaining that their searches are completely freezing up! The Google search page is unresponsive; and using the search bars is either a no go, or they work very, very slowly. It should be fixed by now, but if it’s still not working for you, try this little remedy:


Clear your cache. Chrome Settings > Privacy > Clear cache.

  1. Close Chrome.
  2. Press the iPhone Home button twice, then swipe the Chrome thumbnail off the screen.
  3. Reopen Chrome.


If your Chrome is still being a little iffy with your iOS, let us know so we can alert the masses or figure out what’s going on.