Apple Seeks Ban On Samsung Galaxy S III‏

Samsung Galaxy S3

Apple may have won their legal war with Samsung in the U.S. for patent infringement, but the battle is far from over. In Samsung’s home of South Korea, their courts ruled in their favor over Apple’s-which comes as a no surprise. However, because of the U.S. court ruling Apple has now begun the process of banning all U.S. sales of Samsung’s Galaxy S III  smartphones and three other models (including the Galaxy Note) in the patent infringement case. This would effectively ban the sales of those products for a short time at the very least during their trial. Samsung had record profits in July, they even outsold the iPhone. Apple started the case of copyright infringement back in April 2011, which has spread to 10 countries total which is mostly in Europe, United States and Asia. Samsung has vowed to take the cast all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if needed.

Despite of the legal turmoil and risk for other Android based products. many have hinted that Apple may become the real loser. Some suspect Android will come out on top in the end, despite of Apple’s recent gains in lawsuits. Right now Apple is suspected of releasing their iPhone 5 this month and the much rumored iPad mini next month. Samsung is currently looking into options while rest of the lawsuits play out around the world. Currently is too early to tell what will happen next, but it does appear Apple and Samsung still have a long battle ahead of them.