Apple’s iOS Is No Longer the Leading Mobile OS


Apple’s once hot iOS software is no longer the leading mobile operating system out there. Google’s ever popular and growing Android OS has taken the lead on mobile devices, pushing iOS to second place. If that isn’t bad enough already for the slowing down Apple craze, Windows Mobile is making gains according to Canalys’ report about their second quarter. This is bad news for Apple since interest has died down thanks to many consumers already using iPhones and are currently waiting for the 5th edition. No word on what Apple plans to do next in order to regain the top spot back.

For those who haven’t been keeping score, Apple and Google have long been enemies thanks to the Android OS. Apple has been up against them for the last few years, while many predicted Android would take the lead within a few years of release. Now it appears that has happened, Apple and Google will now have to watch Microsoft as it plays catch up quickly. RIM and Symbian are prime examples of what Apple’s future could be like in the next 10 years if they keep losing ground. So far Apple has not responded to Canalys’ report on their earnings.