Apple’s iTV & iPad Mini Are Now In Mass Production

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Apple is working hard to regain what they have lost and that means releasing new products. A person from an investment firm analyst says that the rumored iPad Mini and iTV are now in mass production for release later this year or in 2013. While Apple has yet to confirm either products, many people have suggested that they are looking to expand their market now that the iPhone is commonly found in most homes. The iPad Mini is rumored to be announced at the Septmebr 15th iPhone 5 announcement that the world is waiting for, even though Apple has yet to address the rumored meeting. The iTV is slated for release anytime between December to March, and will be sold through Verizon or AT&T. However, it is also suspected that cable providers will strike a deal with Apple for the iTV. It is rumored to be priced at $1,250. The iPad Mini price is rumored to be priced between $249-$299. As of press time, these prices are just as much rumors as the devices are.

Apple has been struggling for a while now and while fans are waiting for the next iPhone, they have been working to come up with new products. The iPad Mini has been rumored for a long while, even though the late Steve Jobs reportedly had no desire for it. The Apple iTV has only recently been thrown around and seems to be a widely adored concept by fans. Only time will tell if Apple will launch either products and if so, how they will sell. Right now it appears that they are at the hands of Tim Cook and his ideas, which we will all have to wait to see how they transfer over into sales for the company.