Are Users No Longer Required To Sign In iOS 6?‏

How to sign in itunes iphone

Apple’s iOS 6 is creating a lot of talk about the upcoming features and one of the biggest ones since the BETA debut in June was the lack of a needed password. Apple announced that users who previously bought an app or wanted to update an existing one, they would no longer be required to type in a password. It was aimed in hopes of streamlining the process for the users of the device, but we now know that this will be expanded onto free apps. Regardless of previous ownership or not, users who wish to download free apps will no longer need to sign in to do so. The good news is that in order to download for a paid app, you must sign into the store in order to prevent possible unwanted charges.

This new feature we can expect to be loved and hated by many. Security will be a big issue to some and Apple has yet to say if they have a feature to disable this on each device. However, many people who wish to have the ease of downloading simple apps will be pleased with this news. No word on why Apple decided now to make the changes, but many do find it as a welcome gesture from the popular computer and phone giant. The iOS 6 should come out this fall, along with the iPhone 5. However, no official launch date have been give yet.