bCODA now shipping the CODA One Bluetooth Handset and JAK Streaming USB Stick


bCODA, a South Korea-based manufacturer of wireless accessories and devices, has announced that their CODA One Bluetooth hands-free handset and JAK multi-share streaming USB device are finally available to consumers in the United States. Currently, both devices are being offered for purchase exclusively from NewEgg.com, but the CODA One and JAK will begin appearing at other retailers in the coming weeks.


The CODA One is a Bluetooth handset for smartphones, tablets and PCs. It’s slim and sleek design is meant to replicate the look and feel of a traditional land-line phone and the CODA One’s dual speakers allow it to function as a hands-free speakerphone. The CODA One can also double as a portable speaker for listening to music from any of your Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The CODA One is also fully compatible with Siri and Vlingo apps, which will allow you to place phone calls, send messages and search for information, using nothing but your voice and a single button press. Other features of the CODA One include echo cancellation, noise-reduction, 8 paired device memory, and a Li-poly battery that provides up to 20 hrs of talk time and 40 days worth of stand-by per charge.


The JAK is a ultra-portable and easy to use content streaming device that allows users to wirelessly share the content on their smartphone with a USB enabled host device. Compatible devices include HDTVs, home and automotive stereo systems, protectors and computers. Basically, if it has a USB port, the Jak can more than likely stream your photos, music playlists and full HD videos to it.

Currently, the Jak appears to work with Android-based smartphones and tablets only. Users will need to visit the Google Play store and download the free MultiShare Jak app. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to pair your smartphone or tablet with the Jak and select the content you want to stream. All of the streaming takes place over your WiFi network, giving the Jak a much larger usable range than Bluetooth streaming and without any loss in the quality.

The Jak can be connected to as many as 20 Android devices, allowing for continuous streaming of content from several different sources and with no need for extra cables. The Jak only contains data while it is actually being used. So there is no wasted time spent transferring content and since none of your data is stored on the Jak, you wont have to worry about your files being stolen or copied if you happen to lose the Jak.


NewEgg.com is currently selling the CODA One for $79.99 and the Jak for $49.99. We will have full reviews of both the CODA One and the Jak in the near future.