Bethesda shows off Skyrim Kinect Integration (Video)

Bethesda has released a new video showing off some of the Kinect features you can expect to see once the Skyrim Kinect update is rolled out.  The update is expected to arrive later this month and will be made available for free. To be honest, the update looks a lot better than what I was expecting. When I first heard that Skyrim and the Kinect were going to be combined I pictured a lot of waggle and waving. Two additions that Skyrim doesn’t need, but thankfully the Kinect hardware will only be used for voice commands.

Skyrim Kinect Integration will come with over 200 voice commands for things like dragon shouts, follower commands, loot management and accessing item hot keys.  All of which can be done without navigating menus.  It sounds pretty interesting and should make Skyrim even more immersive than before. All that said, I still have no plans to own a Kinect, but this is the best use for it I have seen so far.