BlackBerry Announces BBM for Windows Phone Beta

untitledToday BlackBerry announced through their Inside BlackBerry blog that the BBM for Windows Phone beta program is now open! The ailing smartphone maker launched BBM for iOS and Android last fall, and announced that it would be available for Windows Phone this spring.

The BBM beta, while lacking some features, should still be a solid foot in the door at least for beta testers. It consists of only 3 “pages” to the UI (contacts, feeds, and chats), while skipping some newer features such as Channels. The contacts page has your standard contacts as well as groups where you can find new BBM friends, add friends, and create new groups. Feeds is where all contact and group updates will show up, such as status updates and changes in profile pictures. Chats is pretty self explanatory as it is where all of your open chats with contacts and groups will be found.

Along with Channels, some other features that are sadly left out of the Windows Phone beta are voice and video chat, though there’s no word if these features will be added once the app leaves the beta stage.

untitled (2)There is some great news for Windows Phone users, however, and that is that BlackBerry chose to go with the native Windows Phone UI design language rather than the standard BlackBerry design language which they opted to go for iOS and Android. We are very happy they chose to go this route as it makes for a much nicer, cleaner, and more modern looking app for Windows Phone. Going by the icon itself though, it doesn’t appear that BlackBerry utilized the transparent tile which became available with 8.1.

As far as signing up for the beta, you can do so in the BlackBerry Beta Zone, though it’s worth noting that the program is currently full. I have signed up for the beta myself and am hoping to hear back and show off the new app in a video.

Source: Inside BlackBerry