BlackBerry releases OS 10.1 Beta Update for Dev Alpha Devices, Simulators and the BlackBerry Z10


BlackBerry has released a developer beta of OS 10.1 for the BlackBerry Dev Alpha B and C as well as the simulators. The latest update brings the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha devices up to OS version and includes new features for both the full touch and QWERTY devices.

Unfortunately, with this beta OS update, official support for the original BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha has ended. I imagine most developers that had one of those models have traded it in for a Limited Edition BlackBerry Z10 by now. If that is the case in your situation, than you’re in luck. BlackBerry has made autoloaders for each of the Z10 hardware versions.

Although this beta OS update will work on any Z10, I strongly urge you not to use it on your Z10 unless you know what you’re getting into. Upgrading to a beta OS like this is a lot easier than downgrading to what you had and this particular update is missing a lot of things found on the full BlackBerry 10 OS. You’ve been warned.

Here are the links:

Be sure to hit up the source link for more information about what is new with OS and how to install it on your device.

Source: BlackBerry Developer Blog