How to Turn Your Mobile into a Pro’s Camera

This article comes to you a few days late, but never fear, I come with valuable information. We all want to do things better—dress better, eat better, feel better about and during our lives. But while we’re trying to do so much better, it’s important to pick up a hobby […]


BBM for Android and iOS scheduled to launch sometime today

After years of waiting (along with an additional month-long delay), users of Android and iOS devices will finally be able to begin using and enjoying BBM on their favorite platform! Originally scheduled to launch exactly one month ago, cross-platform BBM is making its way to the Google Play Store and iTunes […]


Apple and Chrome are at Odds with Each Other

There are many bugs going on with iOS7, but that’s to be expected with new changes right? Not quite. Since the now infamous iOS update, Chrome’s much appreciated Incognito mode is a little off, so you’re not quite as safe as you ordinarily would be on the browser. Whatever you […]

Read more... Before You Go-Go

Being busy with business or life can leave us running ragged. Sometimes we need time to ourselves or time to get a leg up on our day, but we just can’t get out of bed. Here’s a fix for your sleeping nature. helps you by calling your phone directly […]


The New iOS7 Caught a Few Bugs

The iOS7 update is pretty recent, and naturally, a few downfalls came with it. One of them being that numerous amounts of apps won’t work as well with the new system. So if you have any games or custom apps you downloaded for your productivity or leisure, they might not […]


BBM for Android and iPhone delayed

As a lot of you already know, BlackBerry was set to launch their BlackBerry Messenger application on iOS and Android by the end of summer. The specific date and time of arrival set by BlackBerry was Septemeber 21st, at 7am (EDT) for the Android version and September 22nd for iOS, but […]


BlackBerry is finally making BBM cross-platform, hits iOS and Android devices this summer

BlackBerry President and CEO, Thorsten Heins has announced that BlackBerry Messenger will finally make the jump to cross-platform some time this summer.  That means users of Android, iOS and BlackBerry devices will be able to use BBM to communicate with each other. In my opinion, this should have happened a […]


Fitbit’s Flex activity & sleep tracking wristband is now available for purchase

Fitbit has started shipping the latest addition to its popular line of wearable fitness tracking devices, the Fitbit Flex. First announced at this year’s CES, the Flex is Fitbit’s first wrist-worn device and appears to be its answer to devices like the Jawbone UP and Nike FuelBand. Fitbit’s Flex activity […]


Apple unveils the next in the iPad Line

On January 29 Apple made the announcement that the newest in the iPad line will be on it’s way. The fourth generation will be getting a 128GB version. Many people will wonder how it’ll be different from the others. Well sorry to say that Apple has announced that it will […]


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