Chrome Remote Desktop app now available for all devices running Android 4.0 and above

Chrome Remote DesktopAfter a brief closed beta program, Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop app has been officially launched and is now available for all smartphones and tablets that are running Android 4.0 and above. Once properly setup, Chrome Remote Desktop allows users to securely access their computers from anywhere using only the internet connection on their Android device.

Setting up Chrome Remote Desktop is fairly easy to accomplish. You’ll first need to download and install the Chrome component of the app from Google’s Chrome Web Store. Once it has finished doing its thing, you’ll be able to assign an authorization code which must be entered to gain access to the computer. When that is done, head on over to the Google Play Store and install the CRD app to your Android device. The app should immediately list each of the computers that have been tied to your Google account and entering the authorization code you setup earlier will grant your Android smartphone or tablet full access to them.

While connected, you can fully access your computer’s folders, files and programs. Controlling your PC is accomplished by using the mobile device’s screen as if it were a laptop trackpad. Dragging your finger across the screen will move the cursor. Clicks are preformed with a tap. Tap and hold allows you to drag for selecting multiple items at once or moving program windows around. And even all of the same gestures you’d usually use on a trackpad will work, including a two finger drag for scrolling up or down.

So far, I’m rather impressed with the Chrome Remote Desktop app. It has proven to work as advertised and its features are incredibly useful for anyone that needs remote access to their computers. While other applications for Android do serve the same purpose as Chrome Remote Desktop, it is always nice to have a free, first party solution when possible.