Comcast Brings Network of over 80,000 WiFi Hotspots to Indiana

Comcast WiFi Hotspots Xfinity

Comcast has activated a new network of more than 80,000 WiFi hotspots across the state of Indiana, which will provide high-speed internet access so that customers and non-customers alike can access their email, surf the web, post or tweet all without using up their smartphone’s data plan.

The new service is completely free for existing Comcast Xfinity customers to use. Non-customers will receive two, 60-minute sessions free each month. Once that free time has expired, non-Comcast customers have the option of adding additional usage via a few different subscriptions. Hourly plans run $2.95, daily plans are $7.95 and a week worth of use will cost you $19.

Coverage will vary depending on location, but to check if a Comcast hotspot is available where you are, simply open your device’s WiFi settings screen and look for a network named “xfinitywifi”. Comcast customers can then connect to the network using their Comcast ID and account password and once the initial sign-in process has been completed, customers will connect automatically to Xfinity hotspots that are within range.

Xfinity hotspots have been made available at various business locations and other places where individuals spend time working, commuting, shopping, dining and more. If you’re wondering where Comcast Xfinity hotspots are available – there’s an app for that! It is available for iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from The Indiana network is just a small part of the 1 million WiFi hotspots Comcast currently has available across the U.S. and the Company expects that figure to grow to 8 million hotspots nationwide by the end of 2014.