Court Issues Massive Blow For Samsung in Apple Lawsuit‏

Samsung Logo

Apple can rejoice at a recent ruling in their lawsuit with Samsung. A US jury found Samsung guilty on infringing Apple’s patents by copying what they consider as key features of the iPhone or iPad. They awarded Apple a little over $1 billion in damages. Further more so, this gives Apple an advantage to band Samsung’s sales in the US and help to create new legal issues for other Android based devices here in the US.

Apple so far has been able to keep the market share in their majority, feared that Samsung would give them a run for their money. Now it appears that Samsung will be facing worse consequences than just paying a high price, due to their reported copied features. A lost of a US market share could cause the Korean company future sales and to bleed money in a scramble to recoup from the massive blow.

Apple has yet to release a statement about the good news, while Samsung has remained hushed about the blow to the company as well. As for Samsung’s next move, it is up in the air with a few possibilities. Apple will most likely move forward to bar the sales of Samsung products next, with more lawsuits on other Android manufactures to close the gap between Android devices and Apple. In the meantime, it will be interesting to see how Google reacts to protect their OS and future products from Apple.