Designer makes clothes for the Raspberry Pi computer

While waiting for my Raspberry Pi to arrive I have been gathering needed accessories for it. Things like cables, storage, keyboard, mouse and a Usb hub. Those are all easy enough to come by, but perhaps the most needed accessory of all isn’t.  The Raspberry Pi comes naked without a case. Just an exposed board and components and that is an issue that I had planned on fixing immediately.  Maybe even before using it for the first time (I am nervous around exposed electrical bits). Well the Raspberry Pi Foundation has said that they will be making a case available in the future, but  that wont help those of us that got in on the first batch. Thankfully hobbyist designer Marco Alici has been working on a solution for everyone. Marco crafted a 3D model of the case using a replica of the board and the free-to-use Blender application. The case was designed with the possibility of manufacturing it using the injection molding process, which means these cases should be able to be mass produced at a price that isn’t much higher than the PC itself. The images you see are image renderings, the actual 3D printed prototype is currently being made at Shapeways. I for one really hope these are made available for purchase soon. I love the design of this case and now consider it the must have Pi accessory.