Don’t Forget to Make a Note.It

iOS devices come standard with Reminders and Notes. While they are there and are good for making quick notes and checklists, let’s be honest. They’re not enough. Sometimes you have a quick idea and need to remind yourself without all the fuss. Note.It is incredibly simple and straightforward. There are no folders, no labels—just the content you need to remember. You can also set alarms and notifications to remind you to complete a task.

Because it’s not a fussy application with many features, the style is sleek and simple to look at. Just what you need when busy and on-the-go. Note.It is only available for iPhones, which honestly is just perfect. It’s easier to have and hold and can be used with one hand.Very, very practical.

Note.It is available is available on the iTunes store for $1, and if you want to look as the equally simple and unobtrusive site, you can visit the home page here.