Dragon Go! App for iPhone and Android

If you’re like me, and you’re still stuck with an iPhone 4 instead of the 4s and missing out on Siri-esque features, have no fear!  There’s an app for that.


I found Dragon Go!, an app created by Nuance Communications, on an article written by Time Magazine.  They listed it as one of the top 25 iPhone apps, and after reading about all that it does, I had to try it.


Dragon Go! uses your voice recording to conduct your searches. It takes a split second to decipher what you’re saying and search accordingly.

Say you’re looking for a good restaurant nearby, just tap the record button and say “Find nearby restaurants.”  Dragon Go! will do a search on Google, Yellow Pages, Open Table and Yelp to find whatever it is you need.

If you’re looking for “so-and-so” from “that one move,” you can ask Dragon Go! to find it for you on IMDB.  Then, you can send the URL of what you’ve found via text or email, so you can settle the argument that you’re having with your best friend fair and square.


Needing to know more about Christian Bale’s Batman roles? Just ask Go Dragon! to IMDb that for you!

One of the coolest things about the app is that you can ask it to tell you the weather conditions in a specific area of your city, rather than the city as a whole.  Dragon Go! brings up Acuweather and The Weather Channel, so you can make sure that you’re weather is accurate.

Dragon Go! connects you to so many different servers that you’re guaranteed to find whatever it is that you’re looking for.  It’s connected to Google, Yelp, Open Table, Yellow Pages, Spotify and Twitter, just to name a few.

There are a few downsides that I see with the app.  For one, it doesn’t do simple things such as sending a text by opening your texts, finding the contact and talk-to-texting for you.  Also, it’s accessibility isn’t as simple as Siri or a phone’s voice command; because, I mean, who wants to do more than double-click their home button?

Basically, I’m in love with this app.  It does almost everything that I wish I had Siri for, and it does it all well.  I love how fast it is, too!  AND it’s available for iPhone AND Android users.  So check it out!