E3: Maxis shows off SimCity(2013) & SimCity Social

 SimCity 2013

During the Electronic Arts press conference, Maxis debuted some in-game footage of the newest SimCity. The reboot of the simulation genre classic uses the all new Glassbox engine and looks like a lot of fun. Players will not only be able to design their own cities, but will now be able to connect them to a living world filled with other player’s cities.  Your city will be able to affect neighboring cities and they will be able to affect yours. Seems like a interesting concept and I can’t wait to play it.

Maxis also released a trailer for SimCity Social, which is looking to compete with Zynga’s Farmville. I don’t really do Facebook games, but if I was going to start it would be with SimCity Social.

SimCity Social will launch in the next few weeks, while SimCity (2013) is currently said to release sometime in February of 2013