E3: Microsoft announces Xbox Smart Glass


Microsoft has officially announced Xbox Smart Glass and they claim it will “transform the devices you already own and love”.

Smart Glass works with your Xbox 360, Windows Mobile, iOS, and Android devices and is designed to give the user new ways to experience their media.  One example showcased the ability to pause a movie from your smartphone and resume watching it on your 360 when you get home.  Another example showed the user watching an episode of Game of Thrones on the 360 while having his tablet displaying detail information about the episode he was currently watching.

Smart Glass also opens up a lot of interesting possibilities for gaming. You will be able to select plays in Madden using your smartphone, or get information about items inside of Halo using your tablet as you play the game.

Basically, Smart Glass can turn any TV into a Smart TV. It certainly sounds interesting and in my opinion, it was the highlight of Microsoft’s E3 showing.