EA taking rest with Medal of Honor


After the reception that Medal of Honor: Warfighter received, EA has decided it would be best to take this particular game out of commission. Warfighter received a poor commercial and critical reviews in October. According to the COO of EA the game was solid but wasn’t received well by gamers at all. So the news is, EA has officially taken Medal of Honor out of rotation.

Medal of Honor was a solid game but the combat didn’t click well with the gamers. EA claimed critics gave low game scores which weren’t deserved or earned. EA’s president is taking responsibility with the missed opportunities Medal of Honor could have brought them. The reboot was actually a very good idea on EA’s part. However the execution was what crippled this once great game. The fact they did things from an accountant’s perspective, as in what would give them the most money, is what doomed this remake from the start. With that being said I have a feeling that the series Medal of Honor will be back in a few years after they work out the kinks in what went so wrong with Warfighter.