Feature Review: LG Tag + on the Verizon Wireless LG Intuition

Earlier this week, we shared some of our initial impressions of Verizon’s LG Intuition. We briefly mentioned the LG Tag + feature in that post, but didn’t get into much detail about it. Instead of waiting to cover it in our full review of the LG Intuition, we decided to go ahead and give LG Tag + it’s own little, mini-review.

LG Tag + uses Near Field Communication (NFC) tags to easily apply predetermined, custom settings to the Intuition. That allows users to spend less time managing their phone. Once a NFC tag has been setup, a user can simply tap the back cover of their Intuition to the tag and the appropriate settings will automatically be applied.

It is a really nice feature to have, but it isn’t necessarily new. I’ve actually had a similar feature on my BlackBerry Bold 9930 for over a year now and pretty much every new smartphone (but not the iPhone 5) has NFC and the ability to edit tags. So what makes LG Tag + different? There is a real good chance that you will actually use it. Read on to find out why

LG Tag +

LG did something that more manufactures of NFC enabled devices should do, they made it incredibly easy -and useful- for anyone to use NFC tags. They’ve even include two, ready to use NFC tag stickers with the LG Intuition. These stickers come out of the box with office or car mode written to them, but each can be erased and rewritten as needed.

Tags can be written to include settings that were chosen based on a specific environment. For example, if you write “Sleep mode” to a tag then it will include settings you may want applied to your LG Intuition when you’re getting ready to go bed. Here is a run down of available modes and the lists of settings for each:

Car Mode:

  • Toggle Navigation on or off
  • Navigate to a predetermined location
  • Toggle Bluetooth on or off
  • Toggle Music on or off

Office Mode:

  • Toggle Wi-Fi on or off
  • Toggle Bluetooth on or off
  • Select Sound Profile

Sleep Mode:

  • Select Sound Profile
  • Adjust screen brightness level
  • Set Music Time out (5,10,30 or 60 min)

User Mode:

  • Automatically launch a application of your choice
  • Select Sound Profile
  • Toggle GPS on or off
  • Toggle Bluetooth on or off
  • Toggle Wi-Fi on or off

All of the settings in a mode can be modified and rewritten to the tag at any time and without needing to change the specific mode of the tag. This is really useful for things like changing the destination in Car mode.

Modifying, erasing or writing tags couldn’t be much simpler. Each mode screen has a “Write on NFC tag” button on the top, simply modify the settings for the mode you want, tap the button and follow the on screen prompts. The entire process takes a matter of seconds and works every time I’ve tried it.


LG Tag + Modes

Near Field Communication is becoming more useful all the time, but so far, most use NFC for data sharing or pairing devices. NFC tags aren’t all that common, I usually just see them at conventions or press events. When I have seen them, its always been for checking into Foursquare. NFC tag technology hasn’t exactly caught-on as well as many thought it would. Manufactures keep making devices with NFC, but how often do people actually use it?  Personally, I very rarely turn NFC on.

LG approached things differently with NFC and I like it. They made LG Tag + the best implementation of NFC tags I have used yet. They made it very simple to use, gave it a lot of options and they even thrown in a couple of tags so users can being using it immediately.

It’s almost like LG wants people to actually use the feature, instead of just including it and leaving users to figure out that its there and whats it useful for. Kudos to them, LG Tag + is a great feature of the Verizon Wireless LG Intuition.