Final prototypes of the “ModMyPi” Raspberry Pi case shown off in new video

The Raspberry Pi Foundation recently released their Linux mini computer, but the official Raspberry Pi case will not be available for purchase until later this year. Thankfully, enthusiasts like the UK based ModMyPi have decided to design and manufacture their own case for the Raspberry Pi.

The above video shows the final prototypes of the ModMyPi case. The design has be fine tuned and now includes commonly requested changes. The prototypes shown in the video were made using Selective Layer Sintering (SLS), which is an advanced type of 3D printing. The actual production cases will be manufactured using an injection molding process and will come in a variety of mix and match colors (white, black, red, green and blue). Cases are priced from £7.99 and 5% of all profits will be donated to the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

ModMyPi also offers full start up kits with all of the required accessories to get a Raspberry Pi board up and running.

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