First Public BBM video call and a surprise

As many of us know, BlackBerry 10 was announced globally today. One feature I’ve heard a lot of excitement for was BBM Video. The quality shown in this live demo is simply amazing but wait…theres more

In addition to the new BBM video calling feature we heard about BlackBerry announced a screen sharing feature as well. For me personally this is incredibly useful. Have you ever attempted to explain a specific function or option to someone on another Blackberry (or any phone for that matter) and you get responses like “i dont see it/dont have it/cant find it” or my favorite “it doesn’t work.” If you’re lucky they at least had a screen capture program so you can see the same thing they’re seeing and maybe you sent them some screen caps as well to show them where exaactly they should be looking to find whatever it is they were looking for. Well take a few deep sighs of relief because those days are over. Now its as simple as calling to share the screen, talking them through a process instead of texting and then hearing one of those “oh” after they realized how simple it was. Audio feedback is so much more rewarding than a dry “thanks” if you even get that.


for those of use who like to share a so many pictures as once but get tired of sending them one at a time, now its as easy as sharing your screen, and flipping through your pictures as demonstrated below. This would also be great for brain storming concepts on the fly from pictures and other documents. I wonder if a collaborative editing function is anywhere in the works if it doesn’t exist already..


I still get the feeling that even after this initial BlackBerry 10 launch there is more new BlackBerry goodness to be discovered and I cant wait to see it for myself.

can you??