Garmin launches the Viago Navigation Application for iOS and Android Smartphones

Garmin Viago Navigation App

Garmin has today announced the launch of their latest application for Android and iOS smartphones, Garmin Viago Navigation, which is available at a low starting price of just $1.99 and includes in-app purchases for users that want more premium features.

Garmin knows a thing or two when it comes to GPS enabled navigation and the all new Garmin Víago application appears to be capable of taking full advantage of all those years of experience.

Depending on which features a user pays to unlock, the new Garmin Viago Navigation application includes accurate turn-by-turn directions, voice instructions with spoken street names, 3D building views, real-time traffic and weather information, lane assist and photo-realistic junction views. Another nice, optional feature is Garmin’s Speed Limit Display, which monitors your current travel speed and will notify users if they’re exceeding the speed limit for the road that they are currently driving on. Viago can even notify you of the locations of speed cameras on your route.

It sounds like Garmin is bringing most of the best features from their latest on-road GPS units to smartphones, but those features will cost ya depending on what you require. In-app purchase range in prices all the way up to $19.99.

However, for a limited time, Garmin has marked the price for the Viago Navigation app and all of its unlockable features 50 percent off. The promotion lasts until July 13th 2014, and makes the Viago Navigation app only $.99 and its in-app purchases $9.99. So act fast if you want the best navigational features from Garmin on your smartphone.

Source: Garmin