Garmin announces the zūmo 590LM Motorcycle GPS Navigator (Video)

Garmin Zumo Motorcycle GPSGarmin has today announced the zūmo 590LM, the latest addition to their line of rugged navigation systems designed specifically for motorcycles. The all new Garmin zūmo 590LM comes with several great features that allow it to not only get you from point A to point B, but will also keep you informed and entertained while doing it.

Upfront, Garmin has equipped the zūmo 590LM with a sunlight-readable, 5 inch touchscreen display that can be operated while wearing gloves. This is the largest display Garmin has ever put on a zūmo device and it functions in both horizontal and vertical orientations. The entire unit has been designed to resist weather, the effects of UV rays and accidental fuel sprays, which is a very good thing since the 590LM is destined to spend most of its life mounted on a motorcycle.

The Garmin zūmo 590LM ships with navigation software that has been tweaked to meet the specific needs of motorcyclists. It will direct you to your destinations with routes that were planned based on total distance or total travel time and thanks to the new Curvy Roads feature, can even suggest routes for those that crave winding roads.

The zūmo 590LM comes with Bluetooth technology and can be connected with smartphones, allowing riders to listen to and control Pandora internet radio or music stored on their phone using just the GPS unit itself. Sadly, as is the case with many other cool Garmin features lately, some of the music and media control features will only work with iOS devices.

Thankfully, the Garmin zūmo 590LM does include its own built-in MP3 player. So users can still enjoy music from the unit while they ride even if they don’t own a compatible smartphone. The device will also work with several of the latest products from Garmin, including the Garmin Tire Pressure Monitor Systemand the Garmin Virb Action Camera.

All of those fancy features won’t come cheap though. Garmin has set the price for the zūmo 590LM at $799.99. We still don’t know a firm release date for the Garmin zūmo 590LM yet, but it is expected to begin appearing on-line and at retail locations later this month.