Google Earth update brings Street View and new user interface, but breaks the app for Nexus 4 users

Google Earth

Google has just pushed out a update for one of their best applications. The app I am talking about is none other than Google Earth, which now sets at version 7.1.1.  Today’s update brought a few nice improvements. The coolest of which is integration with Google Street View. That means no more switching from Google Earth to Google Maps for close-ups of streets. Now, you can simply zoom in all the way and Google Earth will automatically switch to highly detailed images of the area.

The newly update Google Earth also includes a improved search functionality and it now gives users the option to view walking, biking and driving directions that are in 3D. That’s not all, Google also gave the app a major UI overhaul. A slide-out panel from the left side presents users with commonly needed options and is similar to how the Google+ app works.

Unfortunately, Google may have forgotten to check to see if the updated app functions properly on their flagship smartphone. I’ve checked, and sadly this app is completely broken for the Google Nexus 4. There is a major, easily replicated issue that happens with both the Nexus 4s I have in my house. The short video above shows the problem. Launch Google Earth, it works perfectly fine until the instant you rotate the screen. Switching screen orientation with Google Earth running in the foreground of the Nexus 4 results in a instant hard crash of the entire phone. The crash is so severe that holding down the power button for 20-30 seconds and force rebooting the phone is the only way to get things working again.

This happens every single time I’ve tried without fail. It is kind of a little hard to believe that no one at Google noticed this bug. I mean after all, it is very easy to recreate this issue and I’m sure someone at Google must use a Nexus 4. So I am sure that they are well aware of this problem and hopefully, that means there will be a fix for the Google Earth Nexus 4 bug soon.

Google Earth is available for download from the Google Play Store