Google Hangouts Update Brings Improved SMS Integration and Reliability

Google Hangouts

Google has started pushing out an update for its Hangouts app that brings some new features and several improvements to what was already there.

Perhaps the most exciting addition found in this latest Hangouts update is the improved SMS and MMs integration. Hangouts has been able to handle text messaging for a while now, but the experience wasn’t exactly the greatest. Now, all of the text and chat messages sent to or received from, the same contact will be consolidated into one single thread. Which is a huge improvement over how it has worked in previous versions of Hangouts.

Other changes present include a simplified contact list that breaks all of your contacts into two main sections – Google Hangouts contacts and SMS contacts – making it quicker and easier to find who you’re looking for. The new update also brings improved video call quality and a homescreen widget for quicker access to your most recent conversations.

The update is gradually making its way to users in phases. So try to be patient and don’t worry if hasn’t made its way to your device quite yet.

Source: Google+