Great New Shopping App: Poshmark

Ladies, listen up!  Your tech and fashion lives are about to change as you know it.  Enter Poshmark, an app that allows you to buy, sell or trade fashion.  Take a second to let that awesomeness sink in.


Designer bags at a discounted price?  Yes, please.  Pretty much anything you could think of fashion-wise is in this app.  I’ve had it for a day, and I’m already obsessed.  Let’s talk about how this could change your life, as it’s already started to change mine.



This isn’t your run-of-the-mill, take it to Plato’s Closet and get $1 for that shirt that you bought for $50.  This is a great way to sell your gently used clothing and actually get a nice amount of money for it.  You don’t have to go through Paypal.  Here’s the rundown: Poshmark takes 20% commission and covers credit card fees and shipping (and obviously takes a little piece for profit).  That’s right.  When someone buys something from you, you receive a priority shipping label to send that item off.  How easy is that?


This is perfect for me.  It’s no secret among my inner circle that I have a major shopping addiction.  It’s not my fault!  I’ve been working in retail management for years!  This allows me to take those items that I rarely wear, have forgotten that I even own, etc., and sell them right from my iPhone.  It couldn’t be easier.  And I can link the things that I sell to my Facebook and Twitter, so that I can entice my friends to buy my things!



Okay, so this app might be dangerous for someone like me who has an insane shopping problem.  But the great news is that all of the items on the app are discounted.  Today, I found a Marc Jacobs bag for $75.  The best part: you can haggle with sellers to have them bring down the price.  I’ve asked if I could buy it for $60, and ended up settling on $65!


This is perfect for me.  I am definitely a consignment shopper, but I’m always looking for designer and higher-end products.  Living in a small, Midwest city, it’s not always easy to find what I want.  This may be life changing, as far as my fashion life goes.



This is my favorite part: you can trade with other sellers rather than spending a penny of your money.  So good.  Have you ever wanted to trade clothes with a fashionable friend, but they’re a 0 and you’re like me and far from?  Well, trade with the ladies of Poshmark instead.  This is a great way to expand your closet without adding to your debt.  Just pay for your shipping!



Here’s the deal: this is an insanely awesome app.  There’s one issue:  it’s not yet available for anyone but iPhone and iPad users.  However, they’re currently working on a website and an Android app.  Lucky for me, I obviously have an iPhone (or I wouldn’t have it, duh).  I think this is going to be the way that I shop for a while, as my little broke self just lost my job.  It’s perfect for anyone who has a need to sell their clothes, but doesn’t want to get ripped off by stores like Plato’s Closet.  And the best part: it’s totally free to download the app and sign up.