Has the Garmin Oregon 600 series been delayed?

284851_0_41We’ve just gotten word from a trusted source that the release date for Garmin’s new Oregon handheld GPS units has been pushed back. Garmin first announced the latest additions to their Oregon line of GPS units during this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show and at that time, the units were expected to reach customers sometime in the first quarter of 2013. Now, we are hearing that the Garmin Oregon 600 series, which includes the 600, 600T, 650 and 650T,  “will not reach key retail partners until April 12th” .

To be fair, Garmin appears to have only gave a estimated release date for the Oregon 600 series and historically speaking, a lot of Garmin devices end up being pushed backed at least once before finally becoming available to consumers. So the news isn’t all that surprising.

Previously, we’ve seen the Oregon 600 release date set at March 25th, while the 650 models were expected to be available on April 2nd. So at least the delay isn’t a lengthy one. Once launched, Garmin’s latest Oregon models will retail for $399 to $549 depending on which model you choose to purchase.

We will be receiving a Garmin Oregon 650 – the model with a 8 MP camera – and will have a full review of it on the site in the near future.