Google Chromecast: How to fix the “no cast devices found” error when using the Chrome browser extension

No Cast devices found. Device missing

I just finished reviewing Google’s new Chromecast TV dongle and overall, I am rather impressed with it. The affordable price, easy setup and useful features make the Chromecast a must have accessory in my opinion. The only problem I encountered while using the Chromecast has to do with the Google Cast extension not finding the cast device, but it was fairly simple and easy to fix.  I figured I’d go ahead and write up a quick post explaining the issue I had, what caused it and how I fixed it. Hopefully this post can help other Chromecast owners that are dealing with the same problem. 

Before we get started, I must warn you that the “No Cast devices found” error can be caused by a few different situations. This post is just going over what caused my problem and it may not help you fix what is wrong in your situation.

The list of potential scenarios that can cause a missing Chromecast include a conflict with your firewall/antivirus software, use of a 5GHz router or dual-band 2.4GHz/5GHz router, the Chromecast connected to a different network than your PC, and being connected to a Virtual Private Network (VPN). My problem was caused by the last one.

Before attempting to troubleshoot the error, you will need to power on your Chromecast and TV and ensure that the Chromecast has been properly setup. You should see the “Ready to Cast” message on your TV screen. At this time, check and make sure that the name of the Wi-Fi network showing on the bottom left side is the same network that your PC is connected to. If your Chromecast is “Ready to Cast” and on the same network as the PC, it should show up in Google Cast. If it don’t, then you know that something is wrong and you’ll need to investigate further.

Fortunately, it was pretty easy for me to figure out what caused the Google Cast extension on my laptop to stop finding my Chromecast. I had been using the feature without any problems for over a week before it suddenly stopped working altogether and I noticed the change immediately after I had installed a new program on my laptop. In my particular case, Google Cast stopped working the moment I installed the BlackBerry Link software for managing my BlackBerry 10 devices. I know, the vast majority of you won’t have any reason to ever use the BlackBerry Link software, but other programs can cause the same problem also.

The fact that BlackBerry Link was causing my problem struck me as being as odd. I couldn’t figure out why a program from BlackBerry would cause my laptop to stop finding the Chromecast. So I did some research and discovered that the Chromecast doesn’t like Virtual Private Networks. I then pulled up Device Manager, checked in the “Network Adapters” category and sure enough, BlackBerry Link had added a BlackBerry Virtual Private Network to my laptop.

Your PC may have different types of Virtual Private Networks installed. If you see anything that says “Virtual Private Networks” in the “Network Adapters” category you’ll need to disable it. Below, you’ll find a step by step tutorial for checking and disabling Virtual Private Networks.

Device Manager


1. Open device manager.

For Windows 8: Press Windows key + C, select search, type in “Device Manager” and look under settings. Device Manager should show up as the first result. Click the icon to Launch it.

For older versions of Windows: Hit the start button, type “Device Manager” into the search box and hit enter. Device Manager will automatically launch for you.

2. Once in Device Manager, scroll down the list of options until you find the category named “Network adapters”. Click on the little arrow to expand the list of devices.

3. Look for anything that says Virtual Private Networks in this category. In my case, the problem was caused by the BlackBerry Virtual Private Network, but a different VPN may be to blame on your system. 

4. If you do find a VPN in that list, left click on it to select it, then right click to open a new list of options. From this new window, select “Disable”.

Perform step 4 on any additional Virtual Private Networks you find in that list and the Google Cast extension should immediately find your Chromecast.

Again, this guide won’t solve the “No Cast devices” error for everyone, but hopefully it helps out some of you.


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