How to Turn Your Mobile into a Pro’s Camera

New Lens Sony Released for MobilesThis article comes to you a few days late, but never fear, I come with valuable information. We all want to do things better—dress better, eat better, feel better about and during our lives. But while we’re trying to do so much better, it’s important to pick up a hobby so we don’t drive yourselves into the ground. Some people take up knitting; others have music, but if you’re anything like me, you like to take up photography. There’s nothing wrong with using the relatively inexpensive digital camera you have, but some can only afford (or only have interest in) using their mobile phones as camera. Mobiles these days have amazing quality, so the portable camera industry does have a suitable run for their money.

But if your camera isn’t the sharpest or if you want to make your pictures crisper, more professional, then, you might want to swing over to the ever helpful Lifehacker and learn a thing or two on how to up your quality. These tips explicitly apply to smartphones Windows and iOS phones, but if you use your noodles then you can apply these tips and tricks to other mobile systems. If you have any thoughts about the Lifehacker article or have some tips of your own, share them with Lifehacker and with us as well.

If you’re interested in the picture, head over to 148Apps to learn more about the new lens Sony has released specifically made for smartphones.