Instagram for Windows Phone 8 is now available

Instagram Windows Phone 8Today, Microsoft and Facebook have announced that an official Instagram app has finally made its way to Windows Phone 8. The application is currently still in beta, but was built specifically for Windows Phone 8 by the Instagram team and is available for download for free, right now from the Windows Phone Store.

Instagram was easily one of the most frequently requested apps that the Windows Phone ecosystem had been missing. The demand for the social network was so strong that many users resorted to paying for unofficial versions of it that didn’t work very well or were missing features found on other platforms. So today’s news is bound to make a lot of people happy.

Early reports indicated that the app wouldn’t allow for the uploading of images. Then we heard that you’ll be able to upload images, but won’t be able to take new ones with the app. Both of those claims are false and I’m not sure where they started. I’m currently using Instagram (beta) on my Nokia Lumia 521 and it is able to capture a new image using the phone’s camera app. I can then add filters to the new image and I can upload it. Basically, it works exactly as it should as far as sharing images go.

Instagram, which launched way back in October of 2010, currently sees nearly 150 million monthly users. Microsoft finally being able to offer a natively-written version of the app is a huge victory in the company’s on-going battle to capture the big name applications smartphone buyers require these days. Now, if a person is a big fan of Instagram, they have one less reason NOT to choose a Windows Phone 8 device, and that can only help Microsoft’s mobile platform to capture more market share.