Is Apple Setting A Limit On Apps For iOS 6?


Apple’s iOS 6 has seen a lot of rumors as of late, but none of them have been as upsetting as this one. Mid Atlantic Consulting (who would have had to sign a non-disclosure regarding the third round of BETA testing) claims they downloaded more than 500 apps to test out the iOS, which caused it to slow down and reboot at random times. They then insisted that with over 1,000 apps that the devices could not start, which in turn they claimed Apple confirmed and was working on a patch. Now one unnamed source who has been close to the iOS 6 BETA testing says it is not true. This all remains unproven at this point since Apple has not release any statement and CNET cannot test the software yet do to the limited BETA testing by developers

Based on the past history of iOS releases, Apple has never set a limit on how many apps can be installed on a given time. Since the iOS 6 is likely based off the iOS 5, it does leave many to be inclined to believe that the rumor is untrue. Based on what Apple has shared about previous iOS releases, users can have over 2,000 apps-but will be required to organize and use the search feature to locate them if they have more than 2,000 apps on the device at any given time. iOS 6 should be released this fall with the next iPhone and could go up to 7 BETA stages like the previous version did.