Jawbone’s activity and sleep tracker goes wireless with the all new UP24

Jawbone UP24

Jawbone has launched a newly updated version of its UP fitness and sleep tracker that addresses the one major flaw of the original. The latest tracking wristband from Jawbone goes by the name of UP24 and features wireless syncing with your iPhone so you can check your progress throughout the day without needing to remove the band.

We were mostly impressed with the original Jawbone UP when we reviewed it last year, but couldn’t understand why Jawbone, a company known for their Bluetooth devices, didn’t equip it with wireless syncing. That was the one missing feature that really hurt that particular tracker because it left users with no option but to remove the UP from their wrist and plug it into their phone each time they wanted to check their progress.  So we’re glad to see the feature finally arrive to the UP line, even if it is a bit late.

Jawbone has also released an update to their UP companion application. It enables the wireless syncing feature for users with a new UP24 wristband and adds a few other new goodies, including a new sleep recovery tool that allows users to estimate their sleep time on nights that they forgot to put the tracker into sleep mode. Jawbone has told us that the UP24 will provide users with up to 7 days worth of continuous use per charge and the device has been designed to be waterproof.

The New Jawbone UP24 is available to purchase right now from Jawbone’s website, is offered in either Black or Persimmon colors and retails for $150.