Review: Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech G602 Logo

For the last few years, I’ve been using the Logitech G9x as my primary mouse, it was originally purchased way back in the beginning of 2009 and it has served me well ever since. But looking back on it, that seems like an awful long time to be using the same gaming mouse without an upgrade.

So I recently decided to do something I hadn’t done for a while, and I picked up a Logitech G602 wireless gaming mouse to see if it could replace my Logitech G9x. The previous times I’ve attempted to switch to a new mouse haven’t worked out so well, but I had better luck this time and I actually did manage to find a terrific gaming mouse that might force me to make the switch.

Read on to find out what I think of the Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse in our full review.

Logitech G602 Unboxing

Logitech G602 BoxLogitech recently changed all of their packaging over to a black and neon-blue motif that’s pretty nice looking. The Logitech G602 box gives you a ton of information about the mouse itself and stores everything safely.

Logitech G602 Unboxing  Logitech G602 Unboxing 2  Logitech G602 Wireless Dongle

Included along with the Logitech G602 gaming mouse is a few user manuals, a USB wireless receiver and an optional USB extension cable that can be used for re locating the receiver closer to where you’ll be using the mouse.

Logitech G602 Design & Hardware

Logitech G602 Front

Design plays a huge role in making a gaming mouse that is worth using. Thankfully, Logitech knows a thing or two about ergonomics, and they’ve done an amazing job with the G602 wireless gaming mouse.

Logitech G602 Thumb Rest  Logitech G602 Replacement Feet  Logitech G602 Grip

I have what most would consider to be large hands, but my hand had no problem fitting comfortably on this mouse. Even after several hours worth of use, my hand and fingers felt great, with no fatigue, or cramping. On the flip side, my eight year old daughter, whose hands are tiny compared to mine, also enjoys using this mouse when she plays games like Minecraft.

Logitech G602 Rear

Not only is it comfortable to use, the Logitech G602 mouse is also quite attractive looking. It goes without saying that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, but I think the Logitech G602 is one of the best looking gaming mice I’ve ever used. Lastly, I love the way it glides effortlessly on the surface of my SteelSeries QcK Gaming Mouse Pad.

Logitech G602 Side

In total, the Logitech G602 comes with 11 buttons which include the traditional array of three buttons (Left, Right, Scroll wheel) you’ll find on any mouse along with a cluster of six thumb-activated buttons and two additional buttons located on the left side.

All of the G602’s buttons are in easy to reach locations, spaced out perfectly to allow for easy identification by feel and actuate with a satisfying amount of clickety feedback. Put simply, the Logitech G602 buttons are fantastic.

Logitech G602 Performance Mode  Logitech G602 DPI Light  Logitech G602 Endurance Mode

Besides its 11 G buttons, the Logitech G602 also has a single slider switch on its top which is used for switching between performance and endurance mode. Performance mode (Blue LEDs) enables all of the G602’s gaming capabilities while endurance mode (Green LEDs) modifies some settings, to allow for increased battery life.

Logitech G602 Power Switch

Flipping the Logitech G602 over will expose its power switch, infrared laser sensor and six user-replaceable feet pads.  According to Logitech, the G602 wireless gaming mouse features a user definable tracking resolution of between 250 and 2,500 dpi, is capable of tracking hand movements at up to 2 meters per second and boasts a report rate of up to 500 unique reports per second.

For a wireless gaming mouse, the Logitech G602 seems well built and performs quite well, but there are much better options available in wired mice for those of you who require a very high dpi range and report rate. For example, even my older mouse, the Logitech G9x, performs better than the much newer G602 in those two above listed categories.

Logitech G602 Gaming Software

Logitech G602 Gaming Software

Logitech’s gaming software has consistently improved over the years and it has gotten to the point where there is honestly nothing out that is even close to matching it when it comes to features, reliability and ease of use. As good as the Logitech G602’s hardware is, its software still manages to shine and when comparing this mouse with my old one, the biggest upgrade to be had comes from the software side of things.

Logitech G602 Gaming Software 1

For the most part, the Logitech Gaming Software is only used for creating profiles and changing what happens when one of the G602’s buttons are pressed. The software isn’t required to use the mouse. In fact, you can plug the wireless receiver into a USB port on your PC and immediately begin using the G602, but you’ll be missing out on a lot of great features if you were to do that.

Logitech G602 Gaming Software Mouse Function Logitech G602 Gaming Software Media Controls Logitech G602 Gaming Software Hotkeys Logitech G602 Gaming Software Functions

With Logitech’s Gaming Software, users can create a separate profile for all of the games and programs they use on their computer. Once a profile has been made, each of the Logitech G602’s 11 buttons can be modified and best of all, the Logitech Gaming Software knows what program or game you’re currently using and automatically changes the profiles as needed based on what is currently running in the foreground.

Logitech Gaming Software Scan For New Games

The Gaming Software can scan your system and provide special commands for the games it has identified. If your game or program doesn’t show in the list automatically, you can add it to the Gaming Software and create a profile for it by directing it to the appropriate exe files.

Logitech Gaming Software Create New ProfileIn my favorite example of the power of profiles on this mouse, I added GIMP 2 to Logitech’s Gaming Software so that I can use all of the G602’s buttons to save myself some time. Most people probably wouldn’t think of GIMP when they think of a gaming mouse, but pretty much everything in GIMP can be accomplished with keyboard shortcuts. Something the Logitech Gaming Software is very good at handling.

So I ended up recording several dozen keystrokes and then programming them to the buttons on the G602. The result enables me to scale, watermark, and export a image within GIMP with the press of a button. The entire process takes about a second from start to finish. This same task usually took several minutes to accomplish, but now that I’ve set up this profile for GIMP,  I will be able to save a ton of time.

The Automatic profile switching is what makes custom commands like that so powerful. I can spend the time to set them up for each program on my computer and then I don’t ever need to think about them again. Once I’m back into the program, the profile is changed automatically and the buttons go back to what I had set them as for that program.

Logitech Gaming Software is incredibly useful and works flawlessly.

Logitech G602 Battery Life

Logitech G602 Battery Life

The Logitech G602 was designed to run off of either one or two, AA batteries. Installing only one battery makes the mouse a bit lighter and provides the G602 with enough juice to last for 125 hours of constant use. Installing both batteries will make the mouse slightly heavier, but also bumps the run time up to 250 hours of nonstop, wireless gaming.

Both of those battery life estimates were figured up using the G602 in Performance mode. Switching over to Endurance mode will provide even better battery life, up to an incredible 1400 hours or 60 days worth.

The Logitech G602 also features a hibernation mode that helps further conserve energy and saves user’s from needing to power off the mouse each time they’re finished using it. I love that you can turn this mouse on once, then simply use it as needed and allow it to automatically go into hibernation when not in use.


Logitech G602 vs Logitech G9xUntil I started using the Logitech G602, I had basically made my mind up that dealing with wireless gaming mice simply wasn’t worth the trouble involved. I’ve bought a few different wireless gaming mice (I won’t name them here), and each one eventually ended up going back to the store. I honestly tried to like the wireless mice I’ve owned, but the cons out-weighted the pros in each case and every time that I gave up on a new wireless mouse, I’d go back to my trusty, old Logitech G9x and its boring wire.

But after weeks of using the Logitech G602 and its wireless goodness everyday, I feel that I’ve finally found a wireless gaming mouse that might be capable of sending the G9x, which I loved, into permanent retirement.

The combination of rock-solid connectivity, incredibly convenient and powerful profile options and truly astonishing battery life have left me completely satisfied with the Logitech G602. It’s so good, that I can’t picture myself ever feeling an urge to go back to the old ways of doing things. If you’re like me and had all but gave up on finding a good wireless gaming mouse, I strongly recommend that you at least try out the Logitech G602. It’s surprisingly good.

The Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse is available from Amazon for $59.99