Malwarebytes Fights for Your Android


Malwarebytes is one of the best, free anti-malware programs out there right now. Many people swear by it, and it doesn’t stint you on protection just because you don’t have the premium features. And now you can have this protection for your Android phone. You may not find a reason to, but it can protect you from third-party apps that keep trying to overstep their boundaries within your phone. Malwarebytes scans and removes harmful suspicions from your phone, but it can do much more than that.

It’s a good background program to keep on hand. It will probably save you a great deal of pain and frustration. Again, just like its computer version, Malwarebytes is free to download and use, unless you want to pay for the extra features. If you don’t, don’t worry; it’ll still work and protect you all the same. Go to Google Play and download it for yourself.