Manufacturing error causes delay for Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi foundation has announced that shipments of the first batch of their eagerly-anticipated $35 computer have been delayed due to an error during the manufacturing process. The factory where the credit card sized computers are being produced accidentally installed the wrong type of Ethernet jack, which made connecting to a network impossible.

According to the announcement released on the foundation’s website,  the computers must have network jacks with magnetic components. The manufacture accidentally substituted the required component with non-magnetic jacks. As a result all of the jacks will need to be replaced before the first batch can be shipped out.  It sounds like a relatively easy mistake to fix and the factory is reporting that they are nearly done fixing the first batch of boards.

First made available for sale in late February, the Raspberry Pi is meant to be a cheap computer that will help drive interest in computer programming. The first batch of the micro PC sold out almost instantly. With as many as 700 orders per second at one distributor. So it would appear people are very interested now.