Microsoft Admits Their Anti-Protective Folly

Microsoft Security Essentials

Not many computer savvy users keep factory preset programs on their computers. One of the things to be changed the most amongst Windows users is their anti-virus software. For years and years, Norton has been more for virus-attraction more than virus-protection. Now, Windows has moved on to create Microsoft Security Essentials. After numerous follies with the program’s effectiveness, several web sites have actually stopped users recommending it. And they’re not the only ones who gave MSE their Seal of Disapproval, Microsoft admits that users should download an additional protective software outside of MSE.


This has been the way of the Windows world for a long, long time. As previously stated, many users have either downloaded programs for extra padding or have completely replaced the software that was initially added to their device. It’s surprising that Microsoft would assume any other case. There are quite a few choice free malware protection software that you can download. One of the favourites being Avast, AVG, and Malwarebytes.


For more about MSE and Microsoft, you can listen to the interview with Holly Stewart here.