IK Multimedia’s iRig KEYS and iRig KEYS PRO now shipping – MIDI Controllers for iOS devices

iRig KEYS Pro IK Multimedia has announced the latest additions to its line of music making accessories for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and computers in the form of the all new iRig KEYS PRO and iRig KEYS iOS keyboards.

Both the iRig KEYS PRO and iRig KEYS come equipped with a Lightning-connector, 30-pin and USB cables, which allows them to be used on pretty much any modern computer and all iOS mobile devices. Once connected to a device, iRig KEYS provide musicians with MIDI control and performance features for Core MIDI apps of all types, such as iGrand Piano, iLectric piano apps, and IK Multimedia’s own SampleTank.

The iRig KEYS PRO and iRig KEYS both offer the same features, the difference between them is the size. The iRig KEYS pro is a full-size, universal MIDI controller, while the iRig KEYS is the first, full-featured ultra-slim and portable universal MIDI controller. Basically, they are both keyboards for iOS devices and computers.

Features of both models include 37 velocity-sensitive full-sized keys (a 3 full octaves range plus one note), modulation and pitch bend wheels, a Set button for storing and then recalling up to 4 different customized setups, an assignable Volume/Data knob, Octave/Program Up/Down back-lit, soft-touch buttons and a input for an optional sustain or expression pedal. No AC adapter or battery packs are required for use, these MIDI controllers get their power from the device they are connected to, making them truly portable.

Pretty cool stuff, the iRig Keys Pro 37-Key MIDI Controller is available from Amazon and retails for $149.99, while the iRig KEYS with Lightning-connector retails for $129.99. You can learn more about both of these iOS music accessories from IK Multimedia’s website.