Motorola announces S11-Flex HD Bluetooth headphones

Motorola has announced their latest set of Bluetooth headphones, the S11-FLEX HD. The new headphones offer a high level of customization and comfort while delivering great sounding audio and were designed to be sweat proof, making them a good choice for use while jogging, going to the gym and being active.

The S11-FLEX HD is compatible with smartphones and tablets from all of the major manufactures and it features a flexible outer band and a fully adjustable inner band along with rotating and telescoping earpieces. Those features allow the S11-FLEX HD to work with a lot of different devices while fitting comfortably on most heads.

The headphones also include a customizable equalizer and virtual surround sound mode, both of which are accessible via dedicated hardware buttons. Other controls allow users to pause and resume media playback, skip tracks and adjust the volume level.

Motorola also said that the S11-FLEX HD is powered by a rapid charge battery that can deliver up to three hours of music after a 15 minute long charge and they have a usable wireless range of up to 150 feet from your music source.

Motorola’s S11-FLEX HD will be available for purchase on the 28th of October and will retail for $129.99