My Favorite Blackberry Feature: Blackberry Messenger

Blackberry messenger connects people, in several different countries, with one another. For example, I live in America and one day heard about floods all the way in Thailand. I don’t really keep up with the news in my own country, much less others, but it’s nice to know people in other regions and learn about what is going on in their world.

Blackberry messenger is the most personal instant messaging experience I know of. Sure, video chatting and voice calling are rather personal, but you’re not going to be on the phone or on a video call when you’re supposed to be “working” now are you? Or, when you have a thought you’d like to get out to one or a select few people on your list or in your status for the whole list to see if they’re looking. Or even in a broadcast message so everyone on your list gets a message on any thought you’d like to get across. I’ve received countless broadcasts that start with, “Ping if you like this pic.” How annoying, right? Not necessarily, it’s just as easy to delete someone as it is to add them, matter of fact it’s probably easier. So if you’re a serious, “all work & no play type” then you probably only have serious contacts on your life. But, if you’re more of a playful user and you don’t mind those types of messages, they’re yours to be had.

All work & no play or all play & no work, bbm serves both hands quite nicely. It is always on as long as you have it installed on your blackberry so you don’t even have to worry about signing in and out or remembering a password. One of the more enjoyably nuisances, is that you can send a message and tell if the recipient has their phone on, if the message has been delivered and if it has been read or not. If you see that your message has been received and read, but don’t have a response yet, it’s safe to assume they don’t want to talk to you. It is without a doubt the most reliable means of communication I know of and in my book will always be #1