New Images of IPhone 6 Leak Out in White

iphone 6 leaked photoIn case you haven’t seen the myriad of leaked dummy units, front shells, structure, case designs and sapphire screens there appears to be even more images of Apple’s next flagship device leaking out. This time though we appear to have what is supposedly the final design and build in the white variety. Unsurprisingly the build looks exactly like the different components we’ve seen over the past few months of the larger screened phone. From the design it looks like the company wanted to go for a more rounded edge look similar to phones like the LG G3, HTC One and Moto X. Also in terms of design they are trying to mirror it after the IPad Air and IPad Mini which also features the rounded corners.

The device is set to launch in September so it’s still ways away from an official reveal. Are you looking forward to the bigger IPhone or does the larger size turn you off if you’re an existing IPhone user? Let us know in the comments!