Next Generation of Xbox


Well this is a bit on the rumor side people. Xbox accidentally displayed the name ‘The New Xbox’ on their website on January 30th. As you might expect they quickly removed it from the site before more people could spot it. However a user from NeoGaf spotted this and took a screenshot of this before it was removed from the site.

After the user refreshed the option was gone sadly, leaving a lot of us with questions. One that some of us will be wondering is, is Microsoft going the same route as Apple with scrubbing the idea of numbering the next generation and just calling it ‘The New Xbox’? After all with the Xbox there’s really no reason to continue the numbers as Xbox 360 really has little to do with the console.

So what can we expect in the immediate future from Microsoft? Should we expect an announcement from Microsoft this year at E3 concerning Xbox? This could all be a hoax mind you but with the way that Microsoft has been heading recently this seems a little on the credible side. So I think we should turn our eyes to Microsoft and watch to see what comes out from them.