Google Nexus Tablet delayed, wont launch till July

It looks like we will be waiting a little bit longer for Google’s first tablet. It was originally rumored to see a May launch,  but now sources are saying it wont become available until July at the earliest.  The rumored cause for the delay is Google and Asus have been unable to get the price as low as they want it and are now in the process of changing hardware to get the cost down. Currently, Google’s first tablet was rumored to ship with a Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor and Wi-Fi-only connectivity. Going with one of the more common dual-core chips might be the answer, although it would be disappointing to lose the extra power.

Recently the $199 Kindle Fire has proven that there is a large market for low price, high quality tablets. It was previously said that the Google Nexus Tablet would arrive with a price of around $249, this low price would allow it to compete well against the more expensive iPad which has been the only high-price tablet to do well so far.