Nike announces limited edition FuelBand Ice (video)

Nike Fuel Band Ice

After the very successful launch of the Nike+ FuelBand earlier this year, Nike has decided to offer the product in new colorway versions. The first of which will be available later this month and is being called Ice.

The limited edition ‘Ice’ FuelBand features the same guts as the original, but with a new frozen look band. The transparency of the new band allows users to see the technology in action.

Nothing has changed inside, there is still a three-axis accelerometer and a total of 120 LEDs that work together to accurately measure your motions, convert them to Nike Fuel and keep a record of you activity levels.


If you have never heard of Nike’s FuelBand, the above video summarizes it pretty well. It is basically a nifty way to stay motivated throughout the day.

The Ice edition of the FuelBand will be availble on July 27 at NikeTown locations in San Francisco, New York and London. will begin selling it on August 12.