Bamboo StyleSwap Cover for the OnePlus One arrives and is already out of stock

OnePlus One Bamboo StyleSwap Cover

As was hinted at via social media earlier this week, OnePlus has officially revealed the first of its StyleSwap covers for the OnePlus One today. Unfortunately, the bamboo wood StyleSwap cover is currently out of stock over at the OnePlus accessory store. So much like the OnePlus One Smartphone itself, it appears that you can’t actually buy one of these covers either. Perhaps they should have done a horribly frustrating invite system for the accessories as well.

OnePlus One Bamboo StyleSwap Cover 5  OnePlus One Bamboo StyleSwap Cover 4  OnePlus One Bamboo StyleSwap Cover 3

OnePlus One Bamboo StyleSwap Cover 1  OnePlus One Bamboo StyleSwap Cover 6  OnePlus One Bamboo StyleSwap Cover 2

All joking aside, the OnePlus One bamboo StyleSwap cover looks even nicer than I was expecting. OnePlus has stated that each of the bamboo StyleSwap covers will be unique, which is to be expected considering the nature of the material used. Each cover will be made up of random combinations of bamboo fibers and bits, guaranteeing that no two cover will look exactly alike.

OnePlus has set the price of the bamboo StyleSwap cover at $49, which isn’t a bad price for anyone looking to give their phone a truly unique look. To celebrate the occasion, OnePlus has released a launch trailer for the bamboo StyleSwap cover. No, seriously, they actually filmed a trailer for a smartphone cover.

Source: OnePlus