PiixL announces the Jetpack, a powerful SteamOS gaming PC that fits behind your TV

PiixL Jetpack PCPiixL has just announced the Jetpack, a new SteamOS compatible PC that is designed to be strapped to the rear of your television or mounted onto a wall, can be customized to meet your needs and supports some rather high-end components.

Unlike the restrictive consoles from Sony and Microsoft, the Jetpack was designed to be an open gaming system and will allow users to change not only its hardware specs, but also the operating system it runs.

This is a pretty capable, little machine we’re talking about here. The Jetpack can be outfitted with high-end hardware such as a Intel Core i7 processor, your choice of the latest Nvidia graphics cards, including the very powerful Titan and GTX780, and up to 1TB of storage via super-fast SSD. This PC should have no problems running the most demanding of games for a long time to come.

PiixL SteamOS Machine


PiixL has also designed the Jetpack to be open when it comes to the software it runs. According to the company’s website, this machine will work with Microsoft’s latest version of Windows as well as Valve’s SteamOS. We’re not exactly sure how this will be accomplished though. It is possible that this might be a case where users get to decide which OS they’d like to run, or there may even be a dual-boot solution available. We’ll let you know by updating this post once we have learned more about this.

The release date for the PiixL Jetpack has been set to January 1st, and this small, yet powerful machine is expected to come with a price tag of around $1,000. For now, you can learn more about the PiixL Jetpack by hitting the source link below.

Source: PiixL