PlayOn Brings Over 100 Video Channels to Google’s Chromecast

The Google ChromecastPlayOn has announced that their popular media streaming service now works with the Google Chromecast. Today’s news means that PlayOn subscribers will be able to stream content from over 100 channels directly to their TV using Google’s little $35 media dongle.

The list of channels available to PlayOn users include ABC, CBS, Comedy Central, Fox, History, A&E, NBC, and many more. Users can browse the complete library of available content using the PlayOn mobile app and an easily navigated, on-screen program guide. The PlayOn service will even allow users to select programs to record and watch at a later time using the app and PC program.

Sounds pretty awesome right? But keep in mind that PlayOn does require a subscription for use and that will run ya either $29.99 per year or $59.99 for a lifetime of use. Which isn’t a bad deal once you’ve considered how much content PlayOn offers and it is always nice to have more uses for the Google Chromecast.