PlayStation’s Live Event

PS4 Logo

Tonight Sony has announced what to expect with the upcoming PlayStation 4! Many of the buzz words that were thrown around tonight were quite exciting. However there were some problems with the video and I lost sound a few times so I missed key information.

However Sony has put the gamer as the focal point this time. What gamers deserve, now that’s a grand idea! They also wanted to strengthen the gaming experience for us gamers. I know what you are thinking what is so special about this new gaming system right?

Well there were five key points that they covered. Simple, Immediate, Social, Integrated, and Personalization. With Simple they were focused on functionality and consumer orientation. Now with the concept of immediate we will be able to suspend and resume with just the press of the power button. You will be able to start to play a game while it was still being downloaded thanks to the secondary custom chip. Socially gamers will be able to share videos and Sony is hoping it will be as popular as screenshots now. Integration will have to do with mobile applications. Now personalization, gamers will be able to find news on game titles and learn things about what your friends like and what they do on the PS4.

The dual shock 4 was debuted tonight as well. This new controller will have a touchpad input button, light bar, stereo camera, and a share button. The share button will be how players will share the videos. The PlayStation is going to be like a pc, have a x86 cpu, enhanced pc gpu, 8gb unified memory, and local storage hub.

They are combing the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Network, and social medias. You will finally be able to broadcast yourself real time. Friends can watch over your shoulder from their home to help you. Friends can post things to help you as well. If you are on a level that you can’t get past another gamer over the internet that has beat the game can take over your controller. If you are in dire straits friends can send you items as well.

Sony had many ideas for the PlayStation 4 but they couldn’t bring it to us as the technology wasn’t developed yet. They developed a new feature that many with families will like. They integrated the PS Vita to be part of the PlayStation 4 experience. The Vita will be a companion to the PS4. You can transfer the game you were playing on your PlayStation 4 onto your Vita to continue your game play.

It was announced that the PlayStation 4 will be released the holidays of 2013. So gamers start saving or putting this console on your wish list for Christmas!