Preview of the Playstation 4

PS4 Concept

Many people are waiting on the release of Sony’s new Playstation 4 video game system, but one must know the details before spending hundreds of dollars on the system. We can be sure that we will not have a repeat of the prices of the Playstation 3 upon release. It released for around $600, a price that many were hesitant to pay; although, that is beside the point. The president of a company of Sony named Worldwide Studios, Shehei Yoshida, has been questioned frequently about details of the new Playstation System. This is what he has said so far:

  • If you have Playstation Network, you are out of luck. Your owned games cannot be transferred to the PS4.
  • Older versions of the Playstation controller will not be compatible with the new gaming console, not that it’s any news to us gamers.
  • The PS4 will be functional offline. (A previous rumor had stated that it would not be able to play games without an internet connection.)

Doesn’t seem like much of a change, but then Yoshida released a rather interesting fact: every game released on the PS4 will be available for individual download; although there will still be physical copies of the games. This feature was released with the Playstation Vita, the new Playstation Portable. It is an interesting idea. One will not have to have internet to play, but if he or she does have an internet connection, the fortunate gamer will not have to leave the comfort of his house to buy the game. The feature is efficient for game developers because it is cheaper for them to make a digital copy rather than a physical product. This idea is generally associated with Steam, an online PC game provider, which is planning to release a console that will most likely be released in 2014.

What effects will this new feature have on the used game industry? Will it hurt GameStop? It may, it may not. While many gamers will take advantage of the availability of the games off the internet, many may also want to have a physical copy for sentimental value. Whatever the case may be, we all know that the gaming industry will rage on.